Saturday, September 21, 2013

Return to Bali

Salam. Lamanya tak berblog. I miss my Little Parlour. Aman pun dah nak masuk 2 tahun next month.

Recently we went to Bali for a short vacay. Saja nak rasmikan passport Aman hehe. Dulu i takut nak bawak Aman travel tapi Aman is actually sangat ok bila travel. Belum sempat take off dia dah tidur on my lap. Good boy!

That's Aman sebelum take off.

After 15mins lena tidur and about half an hour nak sampai Bali baru Aman bangun. :-)

This time pegi Bali i takde plan nak kemana sangat, sebab dulu i dah visit most of the main tourist attraction like Tanah Lot, Uluwatu etc. Kali ni lebih kepada nak relax dan nak makan.

We stayed in The Kayana Villa in Seminyak. I dont know why i pilih untuk duduk di Seminyak but i was really impressed with the review about this villa on the internet.

The Kayana consists of 24 villas with private pool each surrounded by a beautiful manicured garden. I would say this place is an oasis in the midst of super duper busy Seminyak. Imagine lah Seminyak yang busy, tapi bila masuk jer dalam Kayana rasa macam masuk ke alam lain gitu. Very serene, and peaceful. We arrived in Bali dah petang around 5pm and lepas check out i planned to go to Seminyak Beach nak tengok sunset tapi lepas check in into our villa, i just dont wanna go out!

We stayed 3 nights in one of the deluxe villas. The villa is spacious and very clean with modern Balinese decor. I was mesmerised by everything esp with their team of attentive buttler who will cater to your every needs.

Every morning your breakfast will be served in your villa. They bring as much food as you want. pancake sedap, smoked salmon with bagel sedap, muesli sedap, haihh semua la sedap. Free afternoon tea with your choice of drinks is served everyday, free wifi, free shuttle service around Seminyak area. All in all we love the food, we enjoy the stay and it was a truly memorable holiday for us.

One of the staff name Ketut. :-) Very polite, very attentive! Their hospitality was incredibly good and i can see that they really enjoy giving good service. Everyhing was close to perfection. I would recommend The Kayana to anyone. As for us, we ll definitely be back!

Dreamland Beach yang sangat cantik with turquoise blue water!

And this is the Pandawa Beach or Secret Beach in Kutuh Village(southern part of Bali), really worth a visit!

Pandawa Beach ni baru dibuka awal tahun so masih tak berapa ramai orang kat sini, untuk mandi sesuai sebab ombak tak besar.

Trying out durian kat Bali hehe!

And this is the main reason of our trip to Bali, sebab nak makan Ayam Taliwang! If u read my post about Bali 3 years ago i did mention about this superdelicious Ayam Taliwang in Bedugul. Till then. See you later alligator!

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Snap snap snap

I love taking photos. Nak cakap i love photography i think im just an amateur. And for now i love taking photos of food, nature, and of course my growing family.

Sebelum ada baby dulu i pernah terhegeh hegeh wanting to buy a DSLR haha!! Nowadays semua orang ada DSLR kan? My husband asked me why would i want a DSLR? Sebabnya; bila travel sebelum tu i snap pic using my Nokia N95 and i was so frustrated when we went to Lauterbrunnen i was not able to capture the beauty of Staubach Waterfall. That's why i want a DSLR for a better quality picture, i think! But my husband said dont, he said lama-lama i akan malas nak carry the bulky DSLR around when we are travelling. I know bukan sebab dia tak nak beli but i believe my Husband is a very practical person. I geram jugak sebab rasa macam terbantut keinginan, i ended up buying a normal digital camera, the Canon s90, a quite good P&S camera :)

From google images: same angle with the first picture tapi the first picture tak cantik kan. :D

Tapi memang betul, when we travel dulu i tengok susahnya orang travel dengan DSLR, bila dekat airport nak scan kena keluarkan lappy, camera, bukak belt, and sometimes socks etc, then nak pakai balik dalam keadaan sesak macam tu. Tq for the advice my darling hubby! Nasib baik i dengar kata. Heheh. Dont spend money on something that maybe go wayside after few months kan?

Im happy with my digital camera, ada jugak manual function macam DSLR tapi boleh kira dengan jari how many times i pakai.

And now? I hardly bring my s90 with me. Only handphone sebab bila ada baby ni handphone paling senang and for now im happy with my iPhone 5. Nowadays we have lotsa cool editing apps that can help to enhance our picture.

Tapi i respect those people yang bebetul minat dan sanggup kendong DSLR kesana sini. Nak ambik gambr pusing sana sini, tukar lense etc, i tak sanggup! Mana nak kejar Aman lagi. LOL! So now snap snap snap, edit edit edit then post it in my instagram. I loveeee Instagram so very much!

Lain la kalau i ada business photography mungkin berbaloi beli DSLR but for now as a pastime jer. Im glad i didnt buy the dslr if not i might ended up not utilising it as much as i thought. To love hotography doesnt mean you need to have a DSLR :)


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